Time Tracking

What is Time Tracking?

Time tracking or timesheeting refers to the process of recording the amount of time teams spend on tasks, enabling organizations to measure actual work against forecast. This data is critical to distinguishing between capital expenditures (CapEx) and operational expenses (OpEx), helps in accurate budgeting, and can be crucial for claiming Research & Development (R&D) tax benefits by quantifying the investment in innovation-related activities.

How to add to your Timesheet

Users specifically require the Time Tracking Access permission to view this module. Only Admins are able to add and remove users from Time Tracking.

Navigate to the Time Tracking module and to the My Timesheet page.

From the drop down menu, select the period for which you would like to enter time against. These periods are preset by your admin.

Select the activity for which you would like to track time against. You can always track time for multiple activities by adding each new new activity as a new line item.

Select the respective cell for the date and activity, then input the dedicated time spent on that task.

In order to submit your timesheet successfully, the total tracked time for a specific day must meet the limit requirement set by your Admin.

Editing Another User’s Timesheet

This feature is only available to Admins.

Still on the My Timesheet page, select the more icon represented by the three dots. In your Admin role, you have the option to choose 'Edit other user’s timesheet', which will prompt a dropdown menu displaying users with Time Tracking access.

Simply select the desired user to add a timesheet for and proceed by following the same steps to input their timesheet data.

Enabling Time Tracking for Users (Admin function only)

This step can only be performed by an Admin and begins with navigating to the Manage Users page.

Select the permissions icon on the user you would like to grant Timesheet permissions to.

Scroll to the Time Tracking section and from the dropdown, select ‘Timesheet User’.

For more information on how to configure the Time Tracking module for your organization, please reach to your Customer Success Representative at Kiplot!

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